About Me

Hi, my name is Nico Ell, I currently live near Frankfurt, Germany and have a passion for computer graphics, GPU programming and visualization. In my youth, the interest for digital art soon developed into the wish of a more generative and programmatic approach. My studies in computational visualistics helped me a lot in this, and especially the capabilities of GPUs sparked my interest.

On a high level, I do enjoy to develop software which creates something visual or enables others in their creative process. And on a low level, I want to continously improve my understanding of hardware to squeeze out the last bit of performance.

The video game industry offers such an environment where I can live my passion. However, I also see interesting challenges in many other areas including filmmaking, medical applications, augmented and virtual reality, simulation, automotive or Big Data.

Career & Education

Unreal Developer
Threedy GmbH
Industrial Unreal Plugin Development
2024 - Today
Graphics Programmer
Limbic Entertainment GmbH
Game Development in Unreal Engine
2020 - 2024
Master Thesis
Limbic Entertainment GmbH & Institute for Computational Visualistics
Real-time rendering and plausible simulation of oceans
M. Sc. Computational Visualistics
University Koblenz
Personal focus on computer graphics
Bachelor Thesis
Institute for Computational Visualistics
Generation, rendering and simulation of grass and meadow
B. Sc. Computational Visualistics
University Koblenz
Computer graphics, computer vision and image processing
2011 - 2018


Nico Ell
Liebigstraße 13A
63225 Langen (Hessen)